Transforming Neuroscience Through Digital Innovation

We aim to improve people’s lives by empowering healthcare professionals and clinical research teams via innovative, AI-powered software medical devices

Establishing a new standard in precision neuroscience

Healios is a medical device software manufacturer dedicated to finding solutions in clinical research and patient monitoring through innovative digital technologies.

With novel, unique, validated biomarkers we aim at measuring with unprecedented sensitivity changes in motor and cognitive functions in patients with neurological disorders.

Those novel biomarkers will establish a new standard for both pharmacological research and clinical practice.

We believe …

We believe that patients are asking for change in the way their illnesses are diagnosed and monitored.

We believe new, better treatment could be discovered and brought to market much more efficiently through the smart use of ubiquitous mobile technologies.

We believe that mobile technologies can be used for seamlessly connecting patients and their treatment teams and lead to improved outcomes.

Bringing value to both patients and healthcare professionals

Working with patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals we learned of the various challenges they experience everyday.
Our solution improves the whole patient/HCP relationship and creates opportunities for novel insights and a welcome change in diagnosis and disease management.

Our team
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A foundation of significant
achievements to fulfill our vision

  • 2015
    Collaboration with Jansen Pharma on Schizophrenia
  • 2016
    Collaboration with Roche in Alzheimer’s
  • 2017
    Collaboration with Genentech & Roche in Multiple Sclerosis
  • 2018
    Awarded ‘Seal of Excellence’ by the European leading research program ‘Horizon 2020’
  • 2019
    Collaboration with University Hospital of Basel in Multiple Sclerosis and awarded Swiss Innovation Award
  • 2020
    Collaboration with RC2NB in Multiple Sclerosis
  • 2021

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