Digital Biomarkers

Digital tools, such as smartphone and wearable devices, can now measure and collect health information – or Digital Biomarkers – and help improve research for new treatments in neuroscience

Digital Biomarkers change how chronic conditions are understood and treated

People living with chronic conditions need ongoing precise monitoring in order to optimally understand their condition evolution

Digital Biomarkers can measure patient symptoms precisely and objectively, over long periods of time

Patient Digital Phenotyping

Opening new avenues to research and treatment personalisation

Digital Biomarkers offer a more comprehensive picture of how a person living with a condition may be experiencing a variety of symptoms and how such symptoms affect their quality of life

Digital Biomarkers open the door to a new level of patient phenotyping

For researchers engaged in neuroscience drug development, Digital Biomarkers offer several unprecedented benefits

Digital Biomarkers have the potential to change how future treatments will be developed and open the door to genuine treatment personalisation. Both patients and physicians will benefit hugely from such innovation

  • Digital Biomarkers minimize bias associated with pattern recognition
  • Modern consumer devices (smartphone and wearables) can collect reliably and continuously accurate and objective data
  • Digital Biomarkers are a cost-effective way to collect large amounts of data in a consistent manner
  • Recent FDA and EMA guidelines endorse Digital Biomarkers as innovative endpoints

Healios Digital Biomarkers for Drug Research & Development

Healios Digital Biomarkers are available to researchers globally to accompany and accelerate new drug development in neuroscience

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Digital Biomarkers have many benefits over conventional assessments

  • Provide continuous and highly precise measurements
  • Measure drug effect in “high definition”
  • Are captured in daily life setting

Use of Digital Biomarkers in R&D has the potential to shorten the duration of clinical trials

  • Gain early insights into drug effect within weeks
  • Improved clinical trial efficiencies
  • Reduced overall costs

Growing demand for decentralized clinical trials (due to COVID pandemic or else), Digital Biomarkers will become key components of future scientific research being:

  • Highly reliable and precise
  • Timely – data available within days
  • Tailored to the study and the patient
  • Independent from HCP bias
  • Performed without help
Collaboration with RC2NB

Healios’ insights into the potentials of Digital Biomarkers, twinned with RC2NB’s comprehensive clinical research into Multiple Sclerosis, has granted our partnership a unique position of expertise to create the innovative Software Medical Device dreaMS (CE-Mark, class I)

Where can Healios Digital Biomarkers be applied?

There is a significant unmet need in subjective medical domains (neurology and psychiatry) for precise and unbiased assessment.

Healios Digital Biomarkers are currently applied in multiple sclerosis and have potential application in many diseases in neuroscience as well as rare diseases.

The Healios team is keen to explore new disease areas with research teams where Healios Digital Biomarkers can make a positive difference for patients and improve their lives

Healios Digital Biomarkers cover 5 key domains

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Each domain can be measured through the performance of fun and interactive proprietary tests tailored to the research needs. Each test can capture several data points, or Digital Biomarkers. All together, Healios tests can generate over 200 digital biomarkers

Award winning companion App

Healios Digital Biomarkers are accessible via a proprietary companion app. Each test can capture several data points, or Digital Biomarkers. All together, Healios tests can generate over 200 digital biomarkers

Screenshot of the companion app

How does it work?

Register with Healios platform

R&D teams register with the Healios platform in order to access protocol planning

  1. Login to Healios platform
  2. Schedule test for study participants
  3. Register participants to access the Healios companion app
Healios platform

Study participants

Study participants can access Healios Digital Biomarkers by downloading the Healios companion App on their phone. Healios support a BYOD approach (Bring Your Own Device) allowing it to make research an easy experience

Healios app
  1. Download Healios companion app from the App store or Google play
  2. The App will engage study participants to perform tests on a regular basis. Those tests are fun and engaging and can be performed as often as desired by the research team
  3. Healios companion app collects data from smartphone sensors, then sends it to the Healios R&D platform for analysis with its validated algorithms

Digital Biomarkers data is made accessible on Healios Platform

Research teams can access patient study data through the Healios Platform:

  • R&D team can visualise patient data directly on the Healios platform, within days of the test performance
  • R&D team can also download the data and integrate it with their own analytical tools
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Participant detail in Healios platform
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