Digital Biomarkers for people with Multiple Sclerosis

dreaMSMD is a Software as Medical Device (CE-Mark) designed to assess neurological functions using novel Digital Biomarkers focused in the following domains: Movement, Balance, Dexterity and Vision

Measures precisely, monitors continuously

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  • Precise – Patient data are captured through smartphone sensor technology and interpreted by regulated algorithms
  • Objective – Captured data is unbiased. Patient complete simple, everyday tasks and dreaMS reports the data to the HCP
  • Continuous – Using a user-friendly Healios companion App, patients generate data over long period of time
  • Tailored – Choose among 10 different tests and a tailored schedule, based on patient condition

Award Winning Companion App

  • Designed specifically for patients with neurological conditions, this award winning app makes dreaMS accessible to patients
  • dreaMS comes with 10 regulated tests, measuring 4 domains (Movement, balance, dexterity and vision) which can be scheduled to be performed regularly by the patients, allowing for a broad set of precise measurement
  • Advanced data science and engineering technology is used to extract data from smartphone sensors. Regulated algorithms (class I) are used to interpret sensor data into valuable clinical insights
  • Movement
  • Vision
  • Dexterity
  • Balance
  • Promenade2 minute walk
  • Spanish StairsWalking up and down stairs
  • Swiss GuardU-turns
  • Musical chairsStanding and sitting
  • Vision acuity
  • Vision contrast
  • Screen-2-noseBending the arm
  • Catch a cloudTapping a screen
  • PenguinStanding
  • ButtlerWalking up and down stairs

Monitoring patient remotely has become simpler and more reliable

  • Sign up

    Enroll your patients with Healios companion App

  • Schedule

    Tailor dreaMS test schedule based on patient’s condition severity

  • Monitor

    Access dreaMS patient data within days on the Healios platform

  1. Healios platform screenshots


    Enroll your patients

    Adding basic information about your patient - their profile will be created and they will be sent a link to download the app

  2. Healios platform - Test and Games screen


    Schedule their tests

    Select among the 10 proposed regulated tests relevant to your patient’s symptoms severity, and specify how frequently they should perform them

  3. Records Dashboard screen “dreaMS generates 130+ data points, of which 72 are reliable Digital Biomarkers”


    Monitor their data

    Sensor data is captured when your patient performs their scheduled tests, and after being securely stored and processed by regulated algorithms, you can regularly review their performance and gain insights into the trajectory of your patients’ neurological functions and proactively intervene

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Product Information

  • Access to dreaMSMD is granted to patients via the Healios Platform
  • dreaMSMD reports measurements to the treating Healthcare Provider who accesses the data through the Healios Platform in their web browser
  • dreaMSMD is used by patients in their daily life setting at home or outside their home, without support of professional medical staff or a Healthcare Provider. Patients may obtain support from a family member or other caregiver but should perform the test themselves
  • Not following test instructions may lead to incorrect results
Instructions for Use

User centered design

  • Customisable test schedules can be tailored to a patient’s specific needs
  • Continuous assessment and visualisation of patient performance, condition and relapse indicators.
  • Prescribe dreaMSMD to your patients via the Healios Platform
  • Patients enjoy, engage and come back for more thanks to our user-centred design
  • Simplified patient uptake and use, reduced cost and maximised engagement with Healios companion App


  • Spain (Coming soon)
  • Switzerland (Coming soon)